Dormition of the Mother of God
Orthodox Monastery
Rives Junction, Michigan

Burning Bush

Three times each year the monastery publishes and distributes a monastic journal, The Burning Bush, which is free of charge to all who request it.  The journal is written by members of the community and includes articles on monasticism, patristics, spirituality, and feasts of the Orthodox Church.  

The Journal is distrubuted both in printed form by postal mail and in electronic form by email.  If you would like to receive the electronic version by email, you can subscribe by sending an email to  You will be sent an automated email to which you must reply in order to confirm you want the Journal.  If you would like to be receive the printed version of the Journal by postal mail, please contact the monastery directly by phone, postal mail or email). (Contact information is available on the contact page.)

 Copies of some recent issues can be accessed below.

Issues Available Online

2020 (Vol 33):

#1 Spring: English

2019 (Vol 32):

#3: Winter: English

#2: Summer: English

#1 Spring: English

2018 (Vol 31):

#3 Winter: English

#2 Summer: English & Romanian

#1 Spring: English

2017 (Vol 30):

#3 Winter: English

#2 Summer: English

#1 Spring: English & Romanian

2016 (Vol 29):

#3 Winter:     English & Romanian

#2 Summer:  English

#1 Spring:     English

2015 (Vol 28)

#2 Summer:  English & Romanian

#1 Spring:     English & Romanian

2014 (Vol 27)

#3 Winter:     English   Romanian

2012 (Vol 25)

#1 Spring:     English & Romanian