Dormition of the Mother of God
Orthodox Monastery
Rives Junction, Michigan

Monastic Life

The monastic life consists of prayer and work.  

The most important activity of the monastery is to follow St. Paul's injunction to “pray without ceasing" (1 Thess. 5:17).  Our entire life and our day to day activities are scheduled around the daily cycle of services. The services are held in the main church or in the St. Andrew chapel and are open to the public. Guests and pilgrims are encouraged to attend the services and to provide names of those to be prayed for.  For the daily schedule of services refer to our service schedule and monthly calendar.

The monastery is organized as a cenobitic community, meaning everything is held in common, and each member of the community shares in the work and responsibilities, that is, the daily 'household' chores that any family would have--though on a larger scale.  The gardens, orchard, vineyards, and chickens all need to be tended to.  Meals need to be cooked and dishes washed.  The church and chapels, as well as the guest house and other public public buildings need to be cleaned and prepared for services and visitors.  Lawns need mowing and bushes need trimming.  These and many other tasks are carried out faithfully not only by the nuns, but also with the help of a multitude of volunteers for whom we are deeply grateful.


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