Dormition of the Mother of God
Orthodox Monastery
Rives Junction, Michigan

Daily Lenten Services

For the six weeks of Great Lent, the weekday cycle of services is modified as indicated below, while weekend services remain the same throughout the year.  The special services of the fifth week of Great Lent, as well as the Feast of the Annunciation, provide a few exceptions for which please see the calendar.  The first Saturday of Great Lent is called "St. Theodore the Recruit Saturday" on which a memorial service follows Divine Liturgy; the cannon for St. Theodore is chanted following the Vesperal Liturgy on the preceding day.  Memorials for "Soul Saturdays" are also served following Divine Liturgy on the Saturday before the Sunday of the Last Judgment and on the second through the fourth Saturdays of Great Lent.



5:00am Matins, hours, Typica, & Vespers, with the prayer of St. Ephrem

~8:15am (Wed and Fri) Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts (following Typica)

2:00pm Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete (1st week only)

5:00pm Great Compline (2nd - 6th weeks)



6:30am Matins, Hours, Akathist

9:00am Divine Liturgy

               Followed by a memorial service on the first four Saturdays

6:00pm Vigil (Great Vespers & Matins, 1st hour)



9:00am Akathist to the Lord Jesus Christ, 3rd & 6th hours

10:00am Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great

5:00pm Vespers, with the prayer of St. Ephrem



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O Lord and Master of My Life,


Give me not the spirit of

sloth, despair,

lust of power, and idle talk.


But give rather the spirit of

chastity, humility,

patience, and love

to Your servant.


Yea O Lord and King, 

Grant that I may see

my own transgressions, 

And not to judge my brother,


For blessed are you

unto the ages of ages.



+++ Prayer of St. Ephrem +++