Dormition of the Mother of God
Orthodox Monastery
Rives Junction, Michigan

Icon Workshops

The monastery usually offers two week-long iconography workshops each year, one in June and one in October. Scheduled times are announced in the announcement section of the home page.


Interested persons should consider carefully the following information and guidelines for workshop participants.


Icongraphy workshops are structured in the form of a spiritual retreat, not simply a painting class. We teach iconography in the context of the Orthodox faith.  Workshop participants are expected to attend the daily services in addition to the workshop classes.  A basic knowledge and understanding of the Orthodox faith, as well as an active desire to deepen one's faith, is expetcted of all participants.  We write icons and offer iconography classes with great reverence and fear of God, and thus ask all prospective participants to seriously consider all aspects of this workshop before they sign up, so that their experience will be a spiritually profitable one.


The style of iconography we teach is Byzantine, and it is in acrylic medium (as opposed to egg-tempera).  The cost of the workshop includes room and board at the monastery, materials and instructions.  Accommodations are provided in a guest house with double rooms. Bed sheets, towels, etc., are all provided. Students traveling by car need to bring a desk lamp; for those who travel by air or train, we provide a desk lamp. A piece of cloth the size of a regular pillow for covering the work during the night is also useful to bring.


Participants are also required to wear appropriate attire; for women this includes no short sleeves and/or revealing tops, no mini-skirts, and no slacks. (Slacks can be worn, however, for walks on the grounds.)  During the class all cell phones must be turned off. The use of personal music players in the rooms and in class is not permitted.


The size of the class is limited. We accept first those of the Orthodox faith who are active members of an Orthodox parish.  Before we sign up participants we ask that they provide a short description of their background, church affiliation, and the name of their spiritual father.  This information should be emailed to the 'Icon Class' via the Contact Page.  After we hear from you, we will send a registration form.

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